Build credible brand advocacy at scale
We recruit, manage and support brand advocates
Track Performance in Real time against meaningful objectives
"These guys can provide a clear picture of how to optimise your advocacy and influencer strategy"
Brand Director, William Grant & Sons
The Brand Ambassador Company is a specialist agency that builds long-term advocacy for brands.

At a strategic level, we work with clients to set up or realign their approach to brand advocates to maximise meaningful returns, integrated with a wider marketing strategy.

At a more practical level, we use specialist experience and proprietary tools to help clients to identify and recruit perfect candidates, often from unusual sources.

We can also help to shortlist and interview candidates and can employ BAs directly on your behalf to provide extra flexibility.

Our management service supports brand advocates – paid and unpaid – with training and resources to optimise the quality and reach of their activities. We use bespoke software to share best practice to promote continuous improvement.

And, crucially, we customise our software to monitor and showcase brand advocate activities, providing meaningful ROI in real time.

What is a ‘Brand Ambassador’?

Brand advocates come in many forms, from full-time ambassadors or celebrities paid to build awareness and trial, to visitor centre guides or unpaid fans who choose to spread positive messages simply because they love the brand.

To some extent, all employees are brand ambassadors – their behaviour, support (or criticism) can have a significant and far-reaching affect on a brand’s perception.

Some brands base their entire marketing strategy around their customers, empowering them to spread the word and amplifying their voices. Third party endorsement carries extra weight and third party recommendation has never been more accessible.

Our company understands how best to combine the power of different types of brand advocates whether you want a new brand to establish a foothold or encourage reappraisal of an existing or relaunched brand at scale with an international audience.

An army of dedicated and motivated brand advocates can transform the fortunes of a brand if they are given the right tools, content, support and rewards. The Brand Ambassador Company has the specialist expertise to help you unlock or optimise this potential.